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#36: How I make mistakes

mistakes_200I'll start this entry on Why We Make Mistakes by mentioning a mistake of my own  -  through procrastination and a busy schedule, I come to this reviewlet way after I actually read the book, and...I can't remember much of it.  At all.  I do recall that I was disappointed with the book's focus; instead of going into why we make mistakes in general, the author explored how certain types of specific mistakes are made  -  misidentifying a criminal assailant as black when he was white, for instance.  (Which is typically less of a mistake than it is misdirection or racism-based malice, but anyhow.)  The case studies the author chooses are very pigeonholed and thus rob the reader of one of the pop psychology genre's primary delights: how to apply the lessons learned to one's everyday life. 

I also do recall that I very much liked the presentation of the book  -  the text is laid out like that of a magazine article throughout, with key quotes enlarged throughout the text for easy concept comprehension.  And the design of the dust jacket is clever, with is being miscut and misaligned with the spine.  But liking not the book but its cover isn't much of an endorsement, is it.



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