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Marine Biology by Gail Carriger

Marine Biology by Gail Carriger

This is another short story from Gail Carriger released as an e-book.

In it, we meet young Alex - a werewolf who's surprised to be alive as he and everyone else didn't think he'd survive the transformation. But survive he has. If that isn't enough, he's a gay werewolf in a testosterone-filled pack who thinks it's high time he did his duty and settle down.

When a flirty merman becomes his partner in an investigation, sparks fly, witty barbs are exchanged and the two men become closer than they ever imagined.

Written a good 14 years later than her earlier short - My Sister's Song - you can easily how far Carriger has progressed in her writing. Her dialog flows easier and incorporates more humor and sarcasm - things I consider to be trademarks of her writing style - than in the previous short story.

This is a satisfying read, and Carriger fans will not be disappointed.

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