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Water Wizard

So You Want to be a Wizard, by Diane Duane, read by Christina Moore (audiobook)
I loved this book so much! The story was great! The characters were great! The language is delicious! New York City is incredibly well-described! Anything I say will sound a bit goofy because I am so enthused! Also, the reader did an amazing job. Mostly, I'm just wondering wtf I didn't read this as a 10 year old when I was reading Every Other YA Fantasy The Library Had.... it came out in 1983. I'm so excited that there are 9 more of these, although I realize my inner 10 year old probably can't sustain this level of enthusiasm that long.

The Taste of Water, by Frank Ledwell
Thoughtful and evocative poetry (mostly) about the author's past on Prince Edward Island, and how people there relate to each other, by the Island's poet laureate. I very much appreciated it, but now I am a bit homesick.
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