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Book 17

ノラガミ 12 [Noragami 12] (Noragami: Stray God, #12)ノラガミ 12 [Noragami 12] by Adachitoka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this manga more every volume. The story deepens as we go and this volume was like a cheese grater to the heart and right from the opening scene were Yato is called before his father in his new form, the young Fujisaki who had been trying to hook up with Hiyori (and lets Yato know it). It also gives us a scene that's more complex than it seems (just look at how comfortable Hiyori is with Yato that she can sit there fresh from a shower in just a towel and talk to him).

And the stray isn't about to let Yato off easy either for dumping her. In spite of Father, she wants to destroy Yukine and Yato's bond with Hiyori (who now knows there is a secret the god's know, the secret of how their shiki died).

Midway we are given a beautifully drawn scene with Hiyori falling asleep with Yato and her lifeline 'tail' wrapping around them. This contact lets her into his dreaming mind and his past. What we see there...well I'm not going to spoil that but it is tragic, violent and so sad in his child-like innocence warped as it is by Father.

The art is lovely, the story is truly developing into one of the finer ones I've read in years and I have read a metric ton of manga. I'm enjoying the story so much I just bought two seasons of the anime sight unseen and given the cost of that, it should tell you how I feel about this series. Go read it.

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