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Books 22 and 23 - 2009

Book 22: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll - 357 pages

I bought the Penguin Classics version of this book after reading Looking Glass Wars, planning to read it to compare the two. However,  I never got around to it. As I am now re-reading Looking Glass Wars before Arch Enemy comes out, I decided to pull it out while I'm waiting for the grand finale. I think most people should know the basic storyline of Alice in Wonderland: after falling down a rabbit hole, chasing a talking rabbit in a waistcoat, Alice finds herself in a bizarre world where all the inhabitants seem to speak a rather lot of nonsense. Six months later, a similar situation transpires when Alice walks through the looking-glass into a strange alternative world where she becomes Queen. The story is bizarre but as this version offers extensive notes explaining all the little jokes that Carroll has dropped, the randomness is explained. In some ways, I think this is good and in other ways, not, because in some respects the beauty of this story is that it really is as illogical as a dream. Overall, I really enjoyed it, though the introduction which discussed the person of Lewis Carroll kind of disturbed me - I can't decide if he really was a repressed peodophile or if I am just ignorant to the times he lived in. 

22 / 50 books. 44% done!


8452 / 15000 pages. 56% done!

Book 23: The Looking Glass Wars II: Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor - 391 pages

Ah, I love this book!!!! Basically, the second book opens with Queen Alyss trying to navigate the role she now holds as ruling monarch in a turbulent land. However, when Glass Eyes (the weaponry of choice for Alyss' disposed Aunt Redd), it seems that she's facing another battle. Of course, it becomes apparent that the battle is from more sides than Alyss expects, especially when Hatter Madigan defies his Queen and Dodge refuses to let Alyss protect him from the Cat.  I love the first book in this trilogy, but the development of the character of Hatter Madigan is awesome in this book. I love watching him experience emotions he's never had to face before. I also love the stilted relationship between Dodge and Alyss - you can feel them dancing around each other, trying to find their feet with feelings that whilst not new are altogether distracting when a war is to be fought. Another thing I love about the way Beddor writes is that he jumps perspectives a lot (something I do similarly in my own book) which constantly keeps you on your toes. Though having said that, its hard to get bored when so much is always going on in this story. I know many people criticise the character development and the not-so-stellar writing in this story, but though I can see some of these flaws, I still absolutely adore this book. Bring on Arch Enemy!!!!


23 / 50 books. 46% done!

8843 / 15000 pages. 59% done!

Currently reading:
From Modernism to Postmodernism: An Anthology edited by Lawrence Cahoone - 600 pages
- The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Volume 2: The One Tree
by Stephen Donaldson - 472 pages
Sacha Baron Cohen: The Unauthorized Biography: From Cambridge to Kazakhastan by Kathleen Tracy - 263 pages
Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline B. Cooney - 263 pages

And coming up:
- The Constant Princess
by Philippa Gregory - 486 pages
- Next
by Michael Crichton - 540 pages
- Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown - 620 pages

I am now 420 pages through the Modernism text - yay! And if your wondering why it is that I have had those same three books in the 'and coming up' for so long - well, its a long story that mostly relates to my weird anal approach to reading...I promise I will get there soon!
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