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Janet Evanovich - High five

Janet Evanovich – High five

Number five in the Stephanie Plum series. When I started reading them, we decided we would read one, while on holiday. We try ever since, even reading them in order. Therefore we’re still nearly a decade behind.

No FTA’s means that Stephanie is nearly broke. Her aunt wants her to go and search her missing uncle. Even though Stephanie doesn’t ‘do’ missing persons, she might as well try, as she hasn’t got anything else. Obviously nothing goes as planned and she stumbles upon several disappearances, has a ‘little person’ moving on, gets an extra job working for Hunter, goes to a wedding with Morelli, takes her granny to several viewings and manages to find out about a huge scam that involves an old class mate. And Ramirez is back in town as well.

All in all, your typical Plum book. Predictable, at times funny, ideal holiday book.

Quote: “I grabbed hold of the curtain and drew it open. I expected to look down at the lot. Instead I looked into the obsidian eyes of Benito Ramirez. He was on my fire escape, leering in at me, his face illuminated in ambient light, his massive body shadowed and threatening against the night sky, his arms outspread, and his hands flat to the window frame.”(p.236)

Number: 09-043
Title: High five
Author: Janet Evanovich
Language: English (US)
Year: 1999
# Pages: 336 (9234)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 0-330-37123-1

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