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Book #77 -- William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, 66 pages.

Dryden's All For Love is next on my list to read for the Harvard Classics. When I read the introduction and it talked about how it is often compared to Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, I realised it had been almost ten years since I'd read either Julius Caesar or Antony and Cleopatra so I decided I needed to read both Shakespeare plays before reading Dryden, for comparison purposes :)

Book #78 -- Charles DeLint, Drink Down the Moon, 216 pages.

The sequel to Jack, the Giant-Killer and the second half of the combined Jack of Kinrowan. As I was doing research for my book on re-told fairy tales I decided to re-read these two as separate novels rather than re-reading the combined volume. While Jack, the Giant-Killer is clearly a retelling of the fairy tale of the same name, Drink Down the Moon can be said to be loosely connected to the fairy tale "The Giant With No Heart in His Body."

Book #79 -- Ira Zepp, Pedagogy of the Heart, 100 pages.

A gift from my wonderful friend tewok, this is a truly inspirational book on the art of teaching.

Progress toward goals: 289/365 = 79.2%

Books: 79/100 = 79.0%

Pages: 19901/30000 = 66.3%

2009 Book List

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