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Book 48 for 2009

Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

Review under a cut in case of spoilers.

I was apprehensive about this book, despite being a huge Pratchett fan, because I don't have any interest at all in football. I needn't have worried, because this book isn't really about football  - like all Pratchett books, it's about people and what makes them tick.

There were probably a fair few football references that went over my head, but there were plenty of non-football ones that didn't and lots of giggles. I enjoyed the book a lot, both the new characters and the old ones. I thought there was a bit of overuse of "The leopard can't change his shorts" towards the middle of the book, but that's a small complaint.

I liked Mr Nutt and Glenda especially. I'm not sure if there's scope for more books about them, but hopefully they'll pop up from time to time in future stories.
Tags: fantasy, humor

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