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12th post, 2 authors Feehan and Frank (71-90)

this part cross-posted to gen50
and now for the books Feehan's Dark series (Books 71-85)

1-Dark Prince, 2-Dark Desire, 3-Dark Gold, 3-Dark Magic, 5-Dark Challenge,
6-Dark Fire, 7-Dark Dream, 8-Dark Legend, 9-Dark Guardian, 10-Dark Symphony,
11-Dark Descent, 12-Dark Melody, 13-Dark Destiny, 14-Dark Hunger, 15-Dark Secret.

I had to stop. Mostly, the books read similarly, read one - and they flow together.
The circumstances of each vary, of course - but i mostly read one book of one author then read until i ran out of books of that author.
however, i decided i needed to keep a few for a future date.

i like the start of course, with the dark prince, i also like the dark legend - there's nothing like being thought of as a legend, and oh i like the one with the cats, with the woman (i forgot her name) who could heal the earth.
The nice part about reading the book in series is that the author tend to mention the previous protagonists, and i read one, out of sequence so it isnt mentioned here, where all of them meet for a party (recipes included)

i have read some of the Leopard series, and the ghostwalker series.
Ghostwalker as a title is very meaningful to me. There is a ST-TOS book of the same title, and the story moved me (well, Kirk was the main guy and i kept on thinking Shatner. Still, Shatner brings memories of Nimoy so that wasnt bad at all)

And this set is from Jacquelyn Frank (Books 86-90)

1-Jacob, 2-Gideon, 3-Elijah, 4-Damien, 5-Noah
My favorite is of course Jacob. The first book.
It is not easy changing tradition. And in this series, the story of Noah, the King - is last.

i am reading her next series The ShadowDwellers.

i enjoyed these books very much!
and i have yet to discuss several more book series but i do have to go back to work.
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