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57. Dancing Girls and Other Stories - Margaret Atwood

57. Dancing Girls and Other Stories - Margaret Atwood - 256 pages (8/10)

I've read a fair amount of Atwood by now, but this is my first experience with her short stories. This is one of her lesser-known collections of short stories written early in her career. As a hopeful author myself, it was a good insight to see how she has changed and grown as an author.

This early in her career, she's still an incredible writer. Her descriptions are short and sweet. One that for some reason really stuck with me was the girl in "The Man from Mars." She was playing tennis at the beginning of the story and her skin was hot and "felt poached." Such an excellent way to put it! All of the women here are a little strange, a little off, and possibly a little crazy. They are put in odd situations and it's interesting to see how they react.

My one criticism to this collection is a trend with Atwood I see overall. She's really fond of open endings, but some of the stories have too open an ending and are thus a but unsatisfactory. I'd like ones that had a clearer resolution. Overall, though, for Atwood fans, this is another Atwood to chew on.

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