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Books 113-115: Club Dead, Dead to the World & 206 Bones

Book 113: Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires Book 3)
Author: Charlaine Harris, 2004.
Genre: Southern Gothic. Fantasy. Mystery.
Other Details: Unabridged audio book, Length: 7 hours and 53 min. Read by Johanna Parker. Paperback. 274 pages.

Sookie Stackhouse's boyfriend Vampire Bill has been distracted recently. He's working on a secret project and needs to travel out of state. When he fails to return on time, his boss Eric has a pretty good idea where Bill is and that he's in danger. He enlists Sookie's aid and her telepathic gifts to find him. Eric provides her with a werewolf escort as cover when she travels to Jackson, Mississippi to mingle with the supernaturals at the dangerous Club Dead.

The third in this series sees the story line take a different turn than I had expected and overall I feel it was stronger for it. I opted to have this and its sequel as my in-car audiobook during the month. I also supplemented my listening with the occasional few pages when I really could not wait for my next trip out to find out what happened next. Johanna Parker does an excellent job of bringing Sookie Stackhouse to life and I remain impressed with Harris' snappy writing style. She keeps the romance and eroticism light compared to others in the genre and there is plenty of plot and wry humour.

Book 114: Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires Book 4)
Author: Charlaine Harris, 2005.
Genre: Southern Gothic. Fantasy. Mystery.
Other Details: Unabridged audio book, Length: 9 hours and 59 min. Read by Johanna Parker. Paperback. 336 pages.

On New Years Eve Sookie makes a resolution that she is going to avoid getting 'beat up' this year. However, on her way home she comes to the rescue of a naked, amnesiac vampire. One thing leads to another and before she knows it she is slap in the middle of a war between a group of dangerous witches and the local vampire and werewolf population.

The 4th in the series introduced a group of new characters including the fascinating Claudine, of whom I hope we see more of as the series progresses. Again I found this a very enjoyable read/listen that further endeared Ms Stackhouse and her creator to me.

Book 115: 206 Bones (Tempe Brennan Book 12 )
Author: Kathy Reichs, 2009
Genre: Forensic Thriller
Other Details: Hardback. 303 pages.

The latest in this series opens with Dr. Temperance Brennan regaining consciousness in some kind of small, dark place with her hands and feet bound. At first confused, she slowly begins to reconstruct events. The narrative then moves back in time to when Tempe and Lieutenant Ryan had accompanied the recently discovered remains of a missing heiress from Montreal to the Chicago. Suddenly, Tempe finds herself accused of mishandling the autopsy by the woman's family after an incriminating phone call is received . Back in Montreal, the corpse of a second elderly woman is found in the woods, and then a third. Is a serial killer at work? Further incidents occur that further threaten Tempe's professional reputation. Is she distracted due to personal concerns or is someone out to sabotage her?

Reichs handles a complex tale of with her usual skill and provides a wealth of forensic detail that makes the point of how much knowledge and skill is required to be a forensic anthropologist.
Tags: crime fiction, dark fantasy, mystery, vampires, werewolves, witchcraft

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