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Book 132

Jack Frost #1 by Jin Ho Ko

Noh-a Joo’s first day in her new school Amityville private high school, North District, begins with one student giving her such a nasty smile she literally falls over, hence our first panty shot of her. She doesn’t have much time to think on her embarrassment before she’s beheaded just a few minutes later. The rest of the class soon follows except for Nasty Smile and the attacker, Hansen, the guidance counselor of the West District.

The whole fight is observed from the point of view of Noh-a’s head. She hasn’t died and after the chapter long battle, she wakes up in the school infirmary with her head reattached. She’s told she’s “the mirror image,” something that isn’t adequately explained in this volume. Jin, the medical attendant, explains a few things but the upshot is Noh-a is dead but the land of the dead didn’t want her either. People like that end up in Amityville where wars have been going on for a very long time. What these wars are about, you don’t find out.

The one thing we do learn about the Mirror Image, it’s been centuries since one has been in Amityville and that Noh-a’s blood has healing powers. She’s considered very powerful but has no offensive or defensive powers to bring to the war. Joining Noh-a in her ‘school’ is Nasty Smile, otherwise known as Jack Frost, the best warrior in all of Amityville, Jin and Helmina, who appears to be the dominatrix, er, head of the school. Her dominating ways also bring Hansen into the fold.

From chapter three to the end of the volume, it’s one long battle with the blood pirate Avid (i.e. he’s a vampire). However woven into it, is more history of Amityville which is rather interesting but only evokes more questions than it answers. The most interesting part is when Avid appears to get the upper hand. And oh yes, Noh-a loses her head again which I hope is not going to be a repeating theme.

I wanted to know more about why Amityville exists, why are they fighting and how did they get these weird powers but I guess I’ll have to read on to get those answers.
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