misstreebc (misstreebc) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

# 76 The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden

Kate Morton

A foundling abandoned on a ship to Australia with no clue to her past but a small, white suitcase containing a book of fairytales, a children's author, a small cottage on a Cornwall estate, a hidden garden, and a garden maze - these were all shining elements in this incredible gothic tale of family secrets.

The Forgotten Garden is probably my favorite book of 2009! I absolutely loved it! It was just amazing!

I loved the gothic feel, and the fairytale aspect fit in just right, as did the homage to Frances Hodges Burnett's The Secret Garden, which was a fun aspect. Morton wove it all together to beautifully into one harmonius tale, told over several generations.

This is the perfect book for curling up with under the covers on a chilly winter night, or while sitting out on a garden bench in the shade of big tree during the summer. In other words, it's everything I look for in a book. It's magical!


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