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Books 40 and 41

#40 - Ghosts/Aliens by Trey Hamburger (2008, 249 pages)

Trey Hamburger is just a normal guy from Leonard, Michigan, who finds himself embroiled in some weird stuff - unexplained gurgling sounds, a missing friend, a neighbor who may or may not be an alien, and a floating Hot Pocket, just to name a few. Trey, along with his friend Mike, team up to get to the bottom of things.

The story is...well, it's very unique. The narration itself is something I've not seen before, but I loved it for its difference. Trey's narration was blunt and crass and reminiscent of a person with a high level of ADD. When Mike adds his two cents, he does so using a picture of a car to set himself apart. And of course, spattered throughout the book are historical facts and suggestions for how to deal with ghosts and aliens.

As bizarre as the setup is and as sporadic as the narrative is, I could not put this book down. It's a lot of great fun and gives a unique perspective of the male psyche. I give this four out of five levitating sandwiches.

#41 - The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore (2004, 306 pages)

The townspeople of Pine Cove have experienced some unique situations, like being under attack by a giant lizard. But this Christmas, they will face their greatest horror - the destruction of Christmas.

The first step is the death of Santa Claus, followed by a visit from a bizarre angel who isn't all there, and finally by an attack from a group of Christmas zombie. That alone should make this an awesome book. What helps make this book even better, though, is the cast, most of whom have been featured in previous Moore books, including Lamb, Practical Demon Keeping, and The Island of the Sequined Love Nun. I really loved reading about Roberto, the talking and very fashionable bat.

This isn't Moore's greatest book - I honestly don't know if anything can top Lamb - but it is a great, heartwarming tale. It's a little slow at first, but once the story gets rolling, readers should find themselves loving it. That's why I give this four out of five Christmas braaaaaaains.

Total Books Read: 41 / 50 (82 percent)
Total Pages Read: 11,752 / 15,000 (78 percent)

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