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Books 134-135

Jack Frost #2 – Jin Ho Ko

The action doesn’t abate in the second volume of this manhwa and very little plot points are given. It opens with Noh-a, the Mirror Image, having a recurrent dream of a girl blaming her for causing her death. Interspersed with this, are more random fight scenes wherein the various Amityville sectors war for dominance and this is really where some exposition would help since I don’t know who these people are, why they’re fighting and how this whole ‘world’ works. During these battles we meet the immortalizers, by appearance a school girl and a young man who are downright deadly and far too interested in meeting Jack.

In the meantime, Jack and Noh-a are heading into the forest of unicorn to reclaim Noh-a’s lost memories. Without them, her true power as the Mirror Image won’t manifest and as one of the few plot points you do get, there is a hint as to what Noh-a’s powers might be. Jack takes her to the Kite family, who oddly enough, seem to be the first people he doesn’t want to kill outright. They have problems of their own, someone is murdering them one by one. Betrayals, more battles and a few facts about Jack await.

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi

This is a true crime story taking place in the late 70’s early 80’s in Florence with a killer who kills women/couples and removes their genitals. Sounds interesting if you like true crime, right? Sadly it’s a total mess of a story and I’m not entirely sure the authors are to blame. At one point Preston likens the Italian police to the Keystone Cops and if only a third of what is in this book is true, it’s well deserved.

Apparently every set of detectives had their own theories and were more than willing to create, ignore and twist evidence to suit their theories. There are dubious (as in druggies and prostitutes) witnesses who turn into serial witnesses blaming upwards of three or four men, a couple who were jailed nad put to death for being the Monster of Florence. And yet the real monster has not been caught. The whole beginning of the book moves slowly. It doesn’t pick up speed until Preston himself goes to Italy to do research and he and Spezi actually get blamed for obstructing the crime and possibly being the killer (well, Spezi). It’s utterly ludicrous the things that happen. The upshot of this book, don’t expect justice in Italy and heaven help you if you get accused of a crime. Forensics apparently mean nothing.
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