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52 and 53

52. Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat
I was reluctant to begin reading this, simply becuase it is the last book i have to read for one of my classes, and this week is insane for me. BUt i was extremely glad that i did read it. It is a beautiful story of healing and redemtpion in a familyof women. I won't really say anything else, but if you are interested in folk art or Haitian culture, or just stories focused on women and their lives and struggles, you will probably like this book.

53. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer-righto, so i've been wanting to reead this series for quite awhile, yet whenever i see copies cheap enough for me to buy, they're always the second book (thanks ever so much, borders...) anywho, i found a copy of the first one at a little used bookstore in Bowling Green, Ohio, gotta love those! I finally got to read it. It was pretty fun. Not amazing, or mind blowing, but i liked the new take on fairies and the People, and i especially love Irish mythology,so it was neat to see a different twist on it. If young adult fiction is your thing, then definitely give this book a go.

on another note, i've decided to up my goal to 75 for next year, since this year it was almost laughably easy to reach the goal and because there are SO many books out there to read! I feel so behind and that's with reading 53 books so far this year and learning/skimming about 5 or 6 others for my classes. (i'm a bit of a purist, so even if i know the story well, i don't count it as "being read")

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