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45_ No Exit

45 HUIS CLOS (NO EXIT) Jean-Paul Sartre (France, 1944)

Class: Theatre History Part II

"Hell is other people"
Two women and a man are stuck in a room with no exit. They now have to face each other, their past, their choices and who they really are.

This play is of course an illustration of Sartre's existentialist views. I still do not like his writing style (who does?) but I have to admit I tolerated it more when I was reading the play than when I read extracts from his philosophy books. I'm not a huge fan of Sartre but a large portion of the ideas that are mentioned in this play are the ones I strongly agree with, mainly those that have to do with choice, anxiety, atheism and the whole idea of "existence precedes essence". As I said, I have never been a fan of Sartre yet being in America and therefore surrounded by people with strong religious beliefs, makes his theories more valuable to me.

Anyone who wants a basic understanding of existentialism should read this play.

Tags: drama

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