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Books 6-10

Continuing on my update, here's the next set of books. I'm currently on book 13, so it'll be a while before I update again :) It's been less than three months, and I've accomplished about a quarter of my goal, so I'm right on schedule. Go me.

6. These Three Remain, by Pamela Aidan
Genre: Fiction, Fanfiction

The final book in the Fitzwilliam Darcy series. . Aidan gives Darcy a real voice, but I feel that the last book in this triology is a little rushed, as it covers the second half of Pride and Prejudice. In some ways, I think it would have been a better representation of the novel if the series had been cut down to one, longer book, but it is a story in an of itself. So, I'm a little torn on whether to recommend the series or not.

Rating: 4/5

7. Stiff, by Mary Roach
Genre: Nonfiction

This book takes a look at the various ways in which human cadavers have been used to further the study of science, everything from anatomy subjects to crash test dummies. This book was such an interesting look into science as a whole, and is written in a way that is both humorous and informative. I'd recommend this book to just about anyone who is interested in science as a whole, though if you have a weak stomach, you might want to read it on an empty one, if you read it at all.

Rating: 4.5/5

8. Betrayed, by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Genre: Teen Lit, Fantasy, Fiction

A nice light read that leaves a lot of potential for the rest of the books in the series. But instead of buying them all, I think I'll borrow them from the library. I don't like the books enough to keep spending money to buy them, and I honestly don't think I'll read them after I figure out how the story ends.

Rating: 3.5/5

9. Chosen, by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Genre: Teen Lit, Fantasy, Fiction

You know, the only saving grace about this series is the plot line. The mannerisms of the teens, the repetition of the other books, the dialogue, etc, etc. The whole subplot with Zoey and her three guys (which it seems is going to be repeated here in a few books, if reading the book descriptions says anything) was completely unbelievable in my mind. I found myself only caring for Zoey because she was hurt, but her stupidity at the whole situation kept nagging in my mind. I'll continue reading the series, because it is rather addictive, but I won't spend my money to do so.

Rating: 3/5

10. Untamed, by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Genre: Teen Lit, Fantasy, Fiction

It just seems to keep getting worse, and I can't help but continue to read. The mythology and whatnot behind this novel was interesting, I have to admit, but the writing style is grating on my nerves, and the supposedly big plot moments are horribly predictable. *Spoiler alert* When reading the poem prophecy, it was obvious that Stark was going to play a key role in it, even when it wasn't mentioned in the least by Zoey and her friends. It'll be interesting to see what goes on with the rest of the series, but again, I won't be spending my money to read them.

Rating: 2.5/5
Tags: fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, teen lit

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