misstreebc (misstreebc) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

# 85 A Taste For Death

A Taste For Death

P.D. James

When two bodies are found in the little vestry of St. Matthews by an unlikely pair of friends, a spinster and a young boy, it's up to Adam Dalgliesh to make sense of the sparse evidence, to find out if there was a connection between the two dead men, one a homeless vagrant and the other a wealthy well-known politician, and to prove that it was a case of double murder rather than murder/suicide.

I really liked A Taste For Death. James writes extremely well, moves the plot along, and delves deeply into the psychology and motives of the characters.

My interest was captured from the beginning, with the surprising friendship between the spinster, Emily Wharton, and the street kid, Darren Wilkes. Even though it wasn't central to the plot, I found it quite intrigueing.

I definitely plan to read more of this author's work! I can see why she is so highly regarded.


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