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Book 64 for 2009

Diplomacy of Wolves by Holly Lisle

First book in the Secret Texts series.

Kait Galweigh wants nothing more than to serve her family as a diplomat. But several things stand in the way of her wishes - not only the Sabir family who plan to annihilate the Galweighs and take over their domain but also the curse  on Kait herself that would bring down death on Kait and her parents if it were discovered by the wrong people.

There were  things I disliked about this book - the names were clearly modern names with peculiar spellings, which I always find irritating, and some of the plot points were so glaringly foreshadowed that the author might as well have written then in highlighter in the margins - most particularly the character who, by  attempting to flee from his fate makes him run headlong into it. And the main character, supposedly trained as a diplomat/spy, is oblivious to several slips made by a person who is clearly lying to her.

But on the whole the plot was interesting, and the motivations of some of the characters intriguingly unclear, so I'll probably read the rest of the series when the opportunity presents itself.
Tags: fantasy

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