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Books 11 - 15

I'm ahead of schedule, woot!

11. Whispers, by Nichole Schulist
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Mythological

This is a novel my friend wrote, and sent to me after finishing her first draft. It's still in its rough stages, but I love the world and characters she created, and I can't wait til she writes the rest of the series. And, you know, polishes them all up. I'm not going to rate this one simply because it's not available on the market.

12. Hunted, by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Genre: Fantasy, Teen Lit

Virtually nothing happened. This seems to be more of a placeholder than a novel in and of itself, and I can only hope that Tempted is better. I doubt it will be, though. One thing that is absolutely driving me crazy is how much is repeated from book to book. Yes, some short summary is important in a series, even for faithful readers of the series, but the Casts bring this way too far. We don't really need a rehashing of the characters and their roles in every single book.

Rating: 2.5/5

13. Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare
Genre: Play, Comedy

I don't know why I try to read plays. They really are no fun. I like watching them and getting absorbed in the story, because that's how they are meant to be portrayed. You miss so much when you don't have those little stage directions and whatnot. I like the idea of the play, but without a running summary, I'd miss so much.

Rating: 3.5/5 (tainted by my dislike of plays, of course)

14. The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown
Genre: Conspiracy Fiction

Just for the general record, after reading Stiff a couple months ago, I can say that some of the 'new' scientific things in this book are most certainly real and have been proven for quite some time. I'm not sure he even got his number right, because I don't have my copy of Stiff anymore. At any rate, it was an interesting book, and didn't follow Brown's typical pattern quite as strongly as it normally does. Still, very predictable in parts, and kind of a cheesy ending. It's certainly an interesting look at symbols and American myth and legend, and it's certainly no wonder it took him years to write the thing.

Rating: 4/5

15. Ground Zero, by F Paul Wilson
Genre: Supernatural Fiction

I have to say, I love Repairman Jack, and I've been waiting for what feels like forever to get my hands on this book. I was not let down. I love how FPW integrates modern day events into his novels now, especially considering the first book of the series was written way back in the 80's. I'm looking forward to the last two books of the series, and then I'm super interested to see what changes when he goes back and revises Nightworld.

Rating: 4.5/5
Tags: conspiracy fiction, fantasy, play, supernatural, teen lit

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