Tamaranth (tamaranth) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

final post for 2009

Total for year 75 (but I have four books on the go, and might finish one in the next 28 hours).

My reading (well, book-reading) has dropped dramatically since I started work -- proofreading e-books, non-fiction, fabulous job but means I am much less inclined to read for fun in the evenings. I'm getting to read snippets of some really interesting stuff though!

Shall aim for 50 again next year, but may cut the reviews shorter, as it's becoming a chore (which is simply due to less time).

What I've read since, er, September I think: *s out of 5, links to reviews on my LJ.

2009/65: The Time-Traveller's Wife -- Audrey Niffenegger (reread: spoilery notes rather than a proper review) *****, SF, romance

2009/66: Halting State -- Charles Stross ***** SF, humour

2009/67: The End of Mr Y -- Scarlett Thomas ***** SF, existentialism, Big Mysterious Book

2009/68: Boating for Beginners -- Jeanette Winterson *** humour

2009/69: The Light Ages -- Ian MacLeod *** SF / alt hist, not as good as Song of Time

2009/70: Lavinia -- Ursula Le Guin ***** Feminist version of the Aenead, ha.

2009/71: Measuring the World -- Daniel Kehlmann **** Historical / travel / science

2009/72: Song of Kali -- Dan Simmons ** Supernatural horror

2009/73: The Demon's Lexicon -- Sarah Rees Brennan ***** Horror / YA: great fun

2009/74: Kindred -- Octavia E. Butler *** race, historical, SF. Powerful, disturbing.

2009/75: The Minotaur -- Barbara Vine

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