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Book #99 -- Elizabeth Beckwith, Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation, 236 pages.

This wonderful book walks new parents through the steps involved in the long-successful childraising technique known as the "Guilt and Manipulation Technique." I, myself, was raised with this highly effective technique, as was my mother before me, and her mother too. Beckwith spells out in plain language what generations of Catholic mothers have done instinctively for years. Thus, by reading Beckwith's book, the non-Catholic mother can also benefit from this wonderful program. Beckwith provides clear instructions, illustrative anecdotes from her own childhood, and discussion questions to help you get started.

(yes, there's snark here)

Progress toward goals: 364/365 = 99.726%

Books: 99/100 = 99.0%

Pages: 24743/25000 = 99.0%

2009 Book List

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