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Last books of the year! so long 2009!

54. Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
The second book about Rebakah Cooper. It's set in Tortall, but a few hundred years before the Song of the Lioness series. I LOVE it. Pierce uses a different writing style than in her other books and writes the whole story as jounral entries. but it's not at all cheesy and the style is flawless. She never messes up the timeline and everything makes sense. PLus, it's really neat to see the earlier Tortall.
55. The Game by Diana Wynne Jones (reread)
this is a novella based on mythology. Anything more than that will give it away! i read this one about a 2 years ago, but my cousin just bought it for me for Christmas, so i had to read it again because it ROCKS.

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