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50   FENCES    August Wilson   (USA,1983)

Class: Theatre History Part II

This play is the story of an African American family during the 1950s. Troy Maxson - the patriarch - is having issues with his family and especially the wife he cheated on and the son he wants to convince that dreams of becoming a famous baseball player are simply out of reach for an African American.

The fences in this play are both racial and personal but they also represent Rose's house (Troy's wife) and her attempts to keep the family together and on the right side of the fence. While it is an interesting depiction of racial and family issues in America, I did not like this play. This has a lot to do with Troy. His behavior was too disgusting for me to enjoy the play and the problem is that I believe the reader/ the audience was meant to be somewhat sympathetic towards him.

Tags: drama

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