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0. Lisey's Story by Stephen King (2010 books)

(I just joined this community. I'm posting this as book zero for 2010 because I just finished it, but read most of it in 2009)

Title:Lisey's Story
Author:Stephen King
# of pages:653
Synopsis (from the cover):Lisey Landon shared a profound and sometimes frightening intimacy with her husband, Scott, a celebrated bestselling novelist -- and a man with many secrets. One was the place where his gifts of imagination came from, a place that could heal or destroy him. Now, two years after his death, it's Lisey's turn to face Scott's demons on a nearly fatal journey into the darkness he inhabited. . . .

Lisey is a wealthy middle-aged widow living in a small town in Maine, dealing with the loss of her famous novelist husband who died two years previous. She's also dealing with her sisters, one of whom is suffering from mental problems, and with academics who come around trying to get her husband's remaining papers, and with a psychopath who begins stalking her. Lisey gradually comes to terms with supernatural experiences she had with her husband. He could slip from this world into another one, and take her with him. The other world is beautiful, but also dangerous and populated with dangerous beings. She learns to go back to that world herself out of necessity.

Overall this was a pretty enjoyable read, if you can excuse King's long-winded style. That is the one flaw, in my opinion, that he tends to ramble on a bit and take too long to get to the point. The book shifts between the present and many long flashbacks to the past. The first half of the book is a little slow, but things pick up in the latter half. The characters are well drawn, extensively fleshed out, and fun to get to know. The action is quite interesting, when it gets around to happening. Details of the plot are cleverly woven together, and the supernatural aspects of the story are unique and exciting. Not one of his best, but definitely good.
Tags: fiction, horror

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