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Last reads and recs of 2009.

It's 2010 and I'm already slacking on my reading in favor of the movies I received for Christmas and the various cleaning projects around my houses. So though I have nothing to update for the current year, I went through a string of FANTASTIC, highly recommendable reads at the end of 2009 I thought I'd post.

My books 29-35:

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen was a cute book about a secluded woman, Josey,  who cares for her mother despite their troubled relationship.  When a girl starts hiding in Josey's closet, her life begins to unravel in mysteries that she had never seen coming.  It's a cute charming quick read that is disguised as chick lit but much more intellectual.

Ask Again Later by Jill A Davis is another chick lit plus book about Emily, who drops everything in her life and moves back home when her overdramatic mother discovers she has breast cancer. (Don't misunderstand me, while cancer is serious, the mother is absolutely over the top overdramatic about everything, not the least of which is her cancer.)  Emily reconnects with her parents, her childhood and sees past the ridiculous antics of her family as well. It definitely kept me giggling.

Whistling in the Dark
by Lesley Kagen was next.  A story written from the point of view of 11 yr old Sally OMalley during the summer of 1959.  That summer,  they are forced to move to be closer to her new drunk step father's job, her mother goes into the hospital and there's a string of little girls who are showing up molested and murdered.   There are parts that are amusing as 11 yr olds think they know more than they do and the discrepancy can be amusing. There is also some suspense, mystery and old fashioned happenings from 1959.

Sarah's Key by Tatiana dr Rosnay is a two part story, the first part told by Sarah, a French Jewish girl who was taken away in a WWII round up in 1942 but in the process she locked her brother in their secret hiding spot because she thought they'd be back soon. Her story is interrupted by a 42 yr old journalist who is uncovering secrets about the round up for a report on the 60th anniversary of the travisties of the concentration camps.  The stories collide and there's a bunch of information that is portrayed in a completely different way than expected. Great for a person into the WWII history.

The Christmas List  and  Grace both by Richard Paul Evans.  I love his books and both tales were the typical, redemptive, wisely told, with twists you kind of expect and ones that you don't kind of stories that he's famous for writing.  The Christmas List is about a real estate mogul who sees his own obituary in the paper and his reaction to it.  Grace is written in the 1960's during the bay of pigs,  when Eric befriends a classmate who runs away from home and he hides her in a fort built by his brother and himself. Eventually you understand the classmate's reason for leaving and the consequences of her eventually returning home.

I also reread Janet Evanovich's Manhunt. A quick cute quirky tale, like usual from her, about Alexandra Scott who straight up trades her Princeton condo and her life on WallStreet for a rustic cabin and sporting store in a remote area of Alaska with the purpose of finding a nice boring husband. As usual, hilarity and hijinks ensue.

Those were the last of my reads and recommendations for all of you readers looking for good reads in 2010.  Happy reading everyone!

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