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50 in 2010 for me.

Hi all. I joined the 50bookchallenge community in 2008. At the time, I was fostering an infant with lots of time on my hands. Our circumstances changed and I, well, simply FORGOT about livejournal in general. However, I have continued to be a bookworm and made my way back to this community to challenge myself for 2010 - my year of self improvement. My year will run from 1/1/2010 to 12/31/2010.

My first read of the year was The Host by Stephenie Meyer</b>, which I just finished yesterday. Like many others, I fell down the Twilight series rabbit hole last year. The Host is Meyer's first "adult" novel. It was yet another page turner and steeped with sci-fi, lovable characters, and impossible romances. I heard a fair amount of criticism about the adult nature of the relationships in Twilight, so I was surprised to find that most of the "adult" content in this book was mostly related to death, not sex.
Long and short of it... it's a long read, but you'll plow through it, just like the Twilight series.

I've now moved on to Smart vs. Pretty</b> by Valerie Frankel</b> (contributing editor to Mademoiselle). So far, it's a cute "chick lit" mystery novel, but nothing profound. A nice, short paperback to recover from the sheer volume of The Host.

I'm planning on book #3 being a P.G. Wodehouse book! Love them!

Read on!

Amy Lee

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