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2010 Book 1: Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay

Book 1: Too Close to Home
Author: Linwood Barclay. 2008.
Genre: Thriller
Other Details: Hardback, 342 pages.

What's more frightening than your neighbours being murdered?
Finding the killers went to the wrong house...

Jim Cutter, his wife, Ellen, and their son, Derek have a fairly settled existence on the outskirts of Promise Falls in upstate New York. Then one hot July night their next door neighbours, the Langleys, are gunned down in their home and the Cutters' quiet lives are shattered. Albert Langley had been a prominent criminal lawyer and so it is natural for the police to consider that these murders might have been linked to one of his cases. However, there are factors that don't add up and these begin to prey on Jim's mind suggesting that the killers had gone to the wrong house. The idea seems crazy but then Jim begins a disturbing journey of discovery that uncovers secrets left, right and centre.

This was the January selection for one of my reading groups and I wasn't the only one that found themselves glued to the settee for the duration finding it almost impossible to put down. It was the subject of quite lively discussion last night from the observation that the cover blurb, quoted above, rather gave the game away to a discussion of its various red herrings and whether it counted as a whodunit, deconstruction of various characters' personalities and motivations, and finally some comparison to his first work, No Time for Goodbye (my 2008 Book 117), which we had all read in 2008.

Overall it received 'thumbs up' with only a couple of members in between liking and loathing and no 'thumbs down'. Collectively it was considered an easy read, perfect for the beach or as we had done, over the holidays.
Tags: thriller

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