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Book 1 - The Ravenmaster's Secret

Once again last year I failed in my personal goal to read 50 books that did not include plays. I only made it through 21 novels, bu with plays I did top 50. So my goal this year is, once again, to read 50 books not including plays.

Book 1 - The Ravenmaster's Secret: Escape From The Tower Of London
by Elvira Woodruff

Fast, easy youth-oriented story about the son of the Tower of London's Ravenmaster and a young Scottish girl who becomes imprisoned. It paints a semi-realistically grim picture of the conditions of Hanoverian England and the social system which divided even the lower classes from one another.
Obviously being a 'kids' book the language was fairly simplistic and there's very little conflict that isn't ultimately resolved well, at least for the main children in the story.

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