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2010 #1-3

Thanks to my extended X-mas holidays and some half-started reads, here are my first 3 books of 2010! :D

#1. "A Christmas Carol (and "a crichet on the hearth") by Charles Dickens
I can't believe I had never got around to reading this. I think that I've seen so many adaptations that I thought I knew it inside out! Loved it, was actually surprised to find how funny some of it was!

#2. "The Art of Happiness" By HH. Dali Lama and Howard C Cutler.
Initially I found this a very hard read to get into but ultimately I really enjoyed it. It focuses mainly on how somw Quasi Buddist teachings are combined with psychological principles for everyday use.

#3. "Vernon God Little" by DBC Pierre.
Unpredictable, unfair and unbelievably enjoyable. More than anything the author's style of writing and turn of phrase made me finish this book within a day. For a novel that deals with some serious and terrible real life parallels, its focus is perfect. Sometimes Gritty, sometimes hilarious. Highly recommended!

Lets hope the rest of my reads are this satisfying... :D

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