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Book 2 - Ghost Story

Book 2 - Ghost Story by Peter Straub

"Otto, why did you say it was an American sort of story?"
"Because, my good friend, everyone in your story is haunted. Even the credit card was haunted."

That line epitomizes what I really liked about Ghost Story. Reading some of the flashbacks and stories told reminded me of being back in school in my American Lit classes where the two things that stuck with me were: if you know how to read them, every novel is gothic, and every novel is a captivity narrative. Especially American novels.
This is my first time reading Straub, after over a decade of reading and loving Stephen King. After reading this I can see why they have co-authored stories together, however King is the better writer and storyteller. Still, Ghost Story was an intriguing take on the American convention of telling ghost stories, the past returning to haunt the present and the destruction people can bring on by hiding. I enjoyed most of the main characters, especially Ricky and Sears, and their relationships with each other. It wasn't as 'creepy' as I thought it would be, or as gory, but it still reached inside and found fear within me (don't even ask about my dreams last night...).
I did really enjoy the book, but I can't say it excited me to read more of Straub's solo work. I am, however, now more interested in reading both The Talisman and Black House, which he co-authored with King.

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