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Book 3 for 2010

Dewey by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter. 309 pages

This biography of a small-town American library cat wasn't on my planned reading for this week, or even this year. But it's snowy and horrid here this week and Rob only had to be at work for a few hours this morning, so I did my shopping, including a book to read and then spent the rest of the morning in the supermarket cafe and in my van, reading it.

It's the story of a tiny kitten, found by the library staff in the book drop-box one freezing November morning and adopted as the library cat. Dewey proves to be the perfect cat for the job, making the patrons feel welcome and instinctively knowing when someone needs to be comforted or cheered up.

Beyond Dewey's life story, it's also the story of Vicki, the librarian who loved him and of Spencer, the town where they lived and how Dewey helped the library to become a real focus for the community.

I'm a sucker for an animal story and this was no exception. A fast, enjoyable, heartwarming read, but with an inevitable sad ending. It's touching but not mawkish - if you like cats, libraries and reading, you'll probably like this book.
Tags: non-fiction

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