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California Demon - The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

Book# 3 of 50; 958 of 15,000 Pgs by December 2010; 2nd Read
Title: California Demon - The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
Author: Julie Kenner
Genre: SciFi / Fantasy / Supernatural
Add'l Info: paperback; 342 pages; Kate Connor, Demon Hunter Series (2 of 5 (so far)).
Kate Connor was a retired Demon Hunter. Now, after 15 years busting he tail as a suburban housewife, raising two kids, and supporting her husband's political ambitions, she's rejoined the workforce - and except for a few minions of evil, no one has a clue. She tries hard to keep her home and work lives separate - a good idea when your job involves random slaughter.
Between fending off demon attacks, trying to figure out why the mysterious new high school teacher seems so strangely familiar, and keeping a watchful eye on her daughter's growing infatuation with a surfer dude, Kate is the busiest and most dangerous soccer mom on the block...

My Thoughts: Rating: 5 out of 10
Book 2 wasn't exactly what I thought I remembered it being. The sarcasm was still there but not as much of the wit, and the story dragged out, but then suddenly galloped to a rushed (and dear I say it) unrealistic end. On a very positive note, however, it did end in such a way that one looks forward to book 3. Some secrets are now out, and some are still left to unfold, but there is a feeling that things are going to get very interesting from here on out.

In Depth: My fears of giving away spoilers last time were unwarranted as I seem to have mixed parts of book 2 with parts from book 3 in my mind. So once again I leave the "in depth" section blank, as I have nothing yet to say here.

Up Next: Demons Are Forever - Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

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I have read 3 / 50 books
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I have read 958 / 15000 pages
& completed 6% of my goal!

Tags: fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural

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