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V.C. Andrews' newest and a furry mystery

#3 - The Heavenstone Secrets by V.C. Andrews

for those who have been VCA fans since her death and have been disillusioned by certain past books (such as the very crappy Willow series), let me tell you....i honestly believe the Andrews family disposed themselves of the crappy ghostwriter and hired a much better one to continue her legacy with the wealth of ideas she left behind.

this novel and the Heavenstone family is classic VCA at its best with some crazy twists to keep you thinking.

Cassie, the elder of the sisters, is truly twisted in ways that remind you of certain members of the Dollenganger clan (Flowers in the Attic), up to and including the many, many ways she bullies Semantha (who is telling the story) and keeps her from realizing what's going on til it's too late. and also the very creepy way she tries to take over the mother's personality and actions after her death...which actually turns out to be murder. i will not say anymore than that for fear of giving away a pivotal plot point. just read it.

#4 - Cat on the Scent by Rita Mae Brown (and Sneaky Pie Brown)

as always, the Mrs. Murphy mysteries are enjoyable. this one had a mildly disappointing end as a long-kept secret was revealed about one of the minor characters and their intention to tell the main character was never shown. also it seemed that the murders "got away" with some of their crime. perhaps Ms. Brown did this to hint at real life (that some murders are never fully solved). but it was, nonetheless, a good read. i eagerly await Ms. Brown's upcoming novel (Cat of the Century).

still working on the books i mentioned in my first post of this year (The Wise Woman and Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon)! hope to finish one of them by this weekend.
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