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Demons Are Forever - Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

Book# 4 of 50; 1250 of 15,000 Pgs by December 2010; 2nd Read
Title: Demons Are Forever - Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
Author: Julie Kenner
Genre: SciFi / Fantasy / Supernatural
Add'l Info: Paperback; 292 pages; Kate Connor, Demon Hunter Series (3 of 5 (so far)).
It isn't easy when your daughter's figured out that her mom's a demon hunter and want's to grow up to be just like her.
Or when you suspect your dead husband used the forces of darkness to filch the body of another human. And your living husband has shifted into such political overdrive that he doesn't seem to be the man you married either.
Moreover, Kate's acquired a precious but deadly item that every demon within commuting distance is seething to get hold of. With husband woes playing havoc with her emotions, an ambitious teenage protegee at her heels, and hell to pay, this stay at home mom's putting in a lot of overtime...

My Thoughts: Rating: 8 out of 10
Picking up exactly where book #2 (California Demon - The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom) left off, Demons Are Forever deals with the repercussions of secrets kept and lies told. Concentrating less on the demons, in some respects, and more on family life, love, and loss, this particular story is both morbid and fun, with an ending that makes you want to come back for more. Deja Demon will be a new read for me.

In Depth:
I enjoyed rereading this book. As a SAHM myself, I enjoyed the family interactions and Kate's struggle to do whats right vs whats safe. I'm happiest that the truth as they know it all comes out in time.(I'm not not a big fan of secrets, although I do understand the necessity at times). Now, I look forward to book 4 (which I have not read before), and finding out where all of those truths lead! There are two people left out of the loop, and I'd like both od them to be let in. Maybe now ill be the time....

Up Next: Deja Demon: The Days and Nights of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

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I have read 1250 / 15000 pages
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