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A little late in posting...

I only made it to 33 books last year but most of the books I read were substantial in length and well working three jobs, being a parent and going to school has a way of cutting into reading time. ;)

I read a fun mix of books last year. I tend to stick to a genre or subject but last year I was a little more all over the place.

  1. Priestess of Avalon, 394 pgs, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson
  2. Wormwood, 225 pgs, Poppy Z. Brite
  3. Isle of Woman, 470 pgs, Piers Anthony
  4. Soon I Will be Invincible, 318 pgs, Austin Grossman
  5. Dante's Equation, 484 pgs, Jane Jensen
  6. The Algebraist, 434 pgs, Iain M. Banks
  7. Bottlemania, 241 pgs, Elizabeth Royte
  8. Blaze, 449 pgs, Richard Bachman
  9. Dead Until Dark, 292 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  10. Living Dead in Dallas, 291 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  11. Club Dead, 292 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  12. Dead to the World, 310 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  13. Dead as a Doornail, 310 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  14. Definitely Dead, 342 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  15. All Together Dead, 342 pgs, Charlaine Harris
  16. First Born, 410 pgs, Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter
  17. Have Space Suit-Will Travel, 255 pgs, Robert A. Heinlein
  18. The Effects of Light, 349 pgs, Miranda Beverly-Whittmore
  19. Snow Crash, 468 pgs, Neal Stephenson
  20. Lisey's Story, 656 pgs, Stephen King
  21. Slave of my Thirst, 421 pgs, Tom Holland
  22. Savage Girls and Wild Boys, 284 pgs, Michael Newton
  23. Otherland - City of Golden Shadow, 780 pgs, Tad Williams
  24. Otherland - River of Blue Fire, 975 pgs, Tad Williams
  25. Otherland - Mountain of Black Glass, 749 pgs, Tad Williams
  26. Otherland - Sea of Silver Light, 1066 pgs, Tad Williams
  27. Interface, 618 pgs, Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George
  28. Cobweb, 416 pgs, Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George
  29. The Bonesetter's Daughter, 385 pgs, Amy Tan
  30. Exultant, 496 pgs, Stephen Baxter
  31. The Dispossessed, 387 pgs, Urseula K. Le Guin
  32. Her Fearful Symmetry, 406 pgs, Audrey Niffenegger
  33. The Bachman Books, 691 pgs, Stephen King

I wrote up reviews on Social Library (or whatever it is called) so if anyone is curious about any books I'd be happy to pull those up.

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