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First post of the year! (5/50)

1-5: One Piece 24-28

Non geeky terms: One Piece has a really simple art style compared to many manga, and while some people are turned off by how strange it looks, I think that's part of what drew me to the series in the first place. You can't find another manga like One Piece, and being simple also allows for some fun expressions while keeping focus on the story at hand.

Volume 24 is the start of the Skypea arc, and the rest of the volumes I read this month continue through on that. From being in the fandom, I get the feeling it's the arc that nobody loves but nobody hates, and I can see why; the manga-ka Mr. Oda did some experimenting. He tried some new expressions, some new writing techniques, and this is also the start of One Piece's infamously long arcs. At times it felt choppy and had growing pains, but you can tell that One Piece is growing into something even cooler reading this. my biggest gripe has nothing to do with the manga itsself, actually, but the fact that VIZ upped the price 2 bucks a volume. DX

Anyways, if any One Piece fans are here who care for some more nerdy reactions, they're under the cut.



Skypea has the most random intro ever. Lulz @ Robin just showing up on the ship too. I liked Usopp's attempt to interview her. xD

I really, really adore the scene in the bar where the crew is getting laughed at for trying to go to Skypiea. It hits home for me, in an odd way.


Oh, and it came with a Luffy sticker. They're putting a sticker in one volume of each month's set and in a few of the SJ volumes this year.


YAY LET'S FIND A SOUTH BIRD! Usopp being the only one NOT afraid of something in his group is priceless. And Chopper begins what is going to be an arc of screaming. xD;


Geez, every adaptation of Skypea uses different names. Anime has King/Sky Island and Manga has Kami/Skypea. It's a little confusing. ._.;

(I don't get why they didn't just translate Kami though. I can imagine people who don't know the translation being a tad confused.)


Zoro's Tarzan call wins. xD Also really like the scene with the waver as well as Robin being epically masochistic. And poor Chopper is left alone. xD

FDGFGBGDSRBGSFDHNJ DRUM ISLAND COVER FEATURE. Oh man I was so happy to see everybody doing so well, with King Dalton all happy and the Hiriluk flag. <33333


SHURA VS. CHOPPER. Chopper was so desperate to save the ship. And then the Sky Knight shows up and battles awesomely... and Chopper forgets he can't swim. Again. I saw this part in the anime back when it was on Toonami and that really freaked me out. *pats the butt monkey on the head* And the chat Usopp and him had about the mast. Dawwwwwwww~!




"I'm always running away! That's why nobody can depend on me!"
Yay, character development! Good, Chopper deserves that after being the butt monkey for the entire arc so far. He's spent the last few volumes either screaming or crying. A part of me was LOLing and a part of me wanted to hug him. xDxD

Oh man, I know this makes me a humongous dork of a fangirl, but when Chopper was batting Gedatsu PROUDLY screamed that he's strong because he's a monster, I almost cried. And even moreso because he said that instead of yelling "I'M A REINDEER!" at being called a Racoon-Dog. I know I'm a total dork, but I watched the Drum Island arc like, 3 times this week okay?! xD;

Also, I'm liking Robin more now that I get to see more than a few random episodes with her. She has such a passion for her ruin studies.
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