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Books #3-6

#3, Hellblazer #2, The Devil You Know, by Jamie Delano, David Lloyd, Mark Buckingham

Holy 80s comic Batman! This is about beginnings and endings. The beginning of Constantine's friendships with the people in book one, the beginnings of his troubles. And some resolutions as well, of the plotlines that began with the mysterious woman in the first book, and his ghost in the machine.

It heavily embraces all that is cringe-worthy of the 1980s, the greed and flash and nasty hair. It's worth reading if for nothing else. But be warned, when they say "graphic" novel, for Hellblazer they mean it.

#4, The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, by Max Brooks

Recorded zombie attacks throughout history, graphic novel form.

#5, Dead Until Dark (Sookie Sackhouse book #1), by Charlaine Harris

I came to this book after having seen Season one of True Blood, and was surprised to see just how much the show followed the book. So, no surprises here. I enjoyed it, it's not life-changing but it is entertaining. Most interesting of all is depiction of every-day small-town Louisiana life. Moving on to book 2.

#6, Sandman #1, Preludes and Nocturnes, by Neil Gaiman

The first in the Sandman books, it lays the foundation for the series introducing Dream and, briefly, Death and Destiny. What happens when Dream is captured, and the aftermath leading from that. Oh, and hello there Constantine, nice to see you, albeit it briefly. Incredibly fine storytelling, I am finally reading the series in order, start to finish.

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