Mandie (irishgypsie) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

One of Chick Lit's Finest

Book 1 of 50
The Bestseller by Olivia Goldsmith
704 pages

4 stars

Goldsmith is one of my favorite authors because her characters are so rich, her plots so intricate, and her storytelling (usually) so clear and eminently readable. I think she dropped the ball slightly with The Bestseller because it’s overly long and at times plodding. The premise is that publishing house giant Davis and Dash is preparing for its fall list, featuring five new titles, but only one will be a bestseller. We follow these five books and their authors as well as a few of the editors and agents involved with getting the books published on their journey. All of the little stories are interesting and very well detailed, but I do feel the book could have benefited from cutting out a lot of it. Goldsmith has proved in the past that she can tell a hell of a story in half the length of this opus, so I’m a little puzzled as to its length. Still, if you like chick lit and are looking for a good story with romance, revenge, characters you love and characters you love to hate, this book has it all and I do recommend it. However, if you’ve never read anything by Goldsmith before, read The First Wives Club first - it’s by far her best book.

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