your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood kymellin (kymellin) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood kymellin

Book #2 of 2010

2. Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, with illustrations by Philip Smiley, 319 pages, Horror, Paperback, 2009.

This book feels like it sprung from the twisted imagination of someone who was reading Jane Austen while marathoning “Kill Bill Vol. 2” and decided that everything is better with ZOMBIES! I was a little annoyed in how easily Elizabeth Bennet considers killing those who offend her or her family’s honor. I also was not pleased with the illustrations; while the zombies were done well, the women were not often in Regency era clothing. There also seemed to be some confusion that some things are universally Oriental, instead of strictly Chinese or Japanese. As a fan of “Pride and Prejudice” in its original form, I found it lent itself quite well to the inclusion of Zombies and do recommend it as fun book to read.
Tags: horror, zombies

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