Leigh Hudgen (mhleigh) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
Leigh Hudgen

1) A Lady Like Sarah

Title: A Lady Like Sarah: A Rocky Creek Romance
Author: Margaret Brownley
Genre: Christian romance

Plot: Sarah Prescott (who in mind is just like the red-headed cowgirl on Toy Story 2) is an outlaw running from justice when she crosses baths with Justin Wells, a preacher from the upper crust of Boston. She is not his idea of a woman and he's like no man she's ever met before. Together they travel from Missouri to Texas getting into scrapes and learning to rethink their first impressions.

Review: This book was okay, just not good enough. I didn't find the characters particularly believable for their time and place, more like the author just thought "you know what's fun? The west. Super." and proceeded as usual. I found it very difficult to believe that any man, even an eastern preacher, would travel by horse across U.S. in 1879 with only a knife as a weapon. And pacifist or no pacifist, the man foolish enough to do so would deserve to get eaten by a wild animal. The first portion of the book, with the preacher and the outlaw traveling the west together, was better than the second half, which was more concerned about the outlaw becoming a "lady." I have liked this genre in the past, but I would recommend something by Janette Oke over this in a heartbeat.

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