Lisa (callingmyname) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

and they have no idea of what you know.

The Wonderful Adventures of Mary Seacole written by Mary Seacole

To be honest, I most likely wouldn’t have touched this book if it wasn’t a required reading for my British Lit course. Victorian novels aren’t really my cup of tea. I do enjoy their language to a degree, but after a point my mind wanders off into some distant thought process that has nothing to do with what is on the page. But, I have to admit that historically, it was a very intriguing piece. I had never heard of Mrs. Seacole until this book was introduced to me. The very fact that this was a woman of color in the Victorian era that had accomplished such revolutionary practices for the time, really was quite breath taking. She has a very sassy, and intelligent tone and her voice is extremely strong. You can’t help but try and discern if what she is saying is truth or propaganda. If you’re into History, give it a go.


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