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Book 9 for 2010

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher 520 pages

More magical mayhem with Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the Chicago phone book. If I'm honest, at this point I'd probably read any book in this series, even if the most exciting thing to happen in it was Harry washing his socks, but this book delivers far more than that.

 As usual, it doesn't take many chapters before Harry is up to his neck in trouble again. A call for help from his friend Michael's daughter draws him into a tangled plot involving monsters that feed on fear, a horror film convention,faeries, black magic,vampires and the White Council. As usual, I read this one aloud to Rob and he commented that this book seemed the best so far in terms of structure - things were well set up and resolved, while still leaving enough plot threads to lead into the next book or two. And I was gratified to find that Michael's reaction to Harry telling him about Lasciel was pretty much exactly as I'd predicted it would be...

Also as usual, I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, but we'll read something else first so as not to run out of Harry too quickly :-)
Tags: fantasy

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