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The Camel Bookmobile

The Camel Bookmobile

Masha Hamilton

New York librarian Fiona Sweeney believes in books and literacy with a missionary zeal that sends her to Kenya, traveling with camels loaded with books to distant villages in the bush where most people have never held a book in their hands, nor seen a white woman

Her camel bookmobile is popular, but many in the village worry that books will bring modernization which will destroy their way of life. Others believe that modernization; more contact with the outside world; is what the village needs to survive.

I liked The Camel Bookmobile well enough . I’m all bout books. Throw in an exotic location and camels, and you’ve got me.

However, The Camel Bookmobile just failed to hook me completely. For one thing, it was too predictable. Some things were, perhaps, telegraphed a little too soon. For another, some of the culture clash and the strife that she brought to the village were just a bit too cliché, and too expected.

I still enjoyed it, but I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the stellar read I had hoped for.


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