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All manga, cause I bought a bunch today and go through them first when I hit the library. For the ones I bought, I'll try and also include my thoughts on how much it cost.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist #20: 193 Pages
This volume wasn't particularly interesting to me. Just the plot moving forward. No "omigosh what was that" moments, but good enough to keep me reading. From the Library.

7. Sgt. Frog #2: 176 Pages

I hadn't read this one in a while, and my favorite character shows up, so I gave it a look. I'm honestly more into the anime of this though. Early on especially, the manga-ka --Mine Yoshizaki-- is a bit too trigger happy on the fanservice for my taste. It's rather off-putting for readers who are not interested in panty shots. From the Library.

8. Pokemon Adventures #5: 192 Pages
If you're a fan of Pokemon, or were back in the red/blue/yellow days and would enjoy some manga nostalgia, this manga is a nice one. Also, the manga-ka for the older volumes like this one, Mato, is great at drawing everything adorable. So yeah, light, fun read with adorable Pikachus everywhere. Purchased; Nicely priced.

9. Sgt. Frog #18: 172 Pages
The website claims it's 192 pages (Tokyopop doesn't mark their page numbers using the white-cornered pages like VIZ does. I think they feel it will harm the art anyway. I'm torn on this.) and I had trouble believing that, sure enough, that includes filler pages before and after the actual manga with copyright info/ads/stuff like that.

This was probably my favorite issue for a while; Mr. Yoshizaki has been pulling back on the fanservice overload, and there's some nice action and heartfelt moments in this. My favorite part was actually a bonus story at the end of the volume that shows a bit of the Keroro Platoon preparing to head to Pekopon the first time.

Purchased because my library stopped ordering the new volumes; I think lack of interest did it. That said, I have some gripes for Tokyopop. $11.99. $11.99 and 172 pages. This was both the thinnest and most expensive manga volume I have bought not only today (and I splurged today!) but not counting big books that clump multiple volumes, I don't think I've ever paid more than $9.99 for a manga before, including from Tokyopop. That's uncalled for, and they will be receiving a complaint. For long series, that stuff adds up! :/

EDIT: Oh, almost forgot! I'm not putting this down in my challenge cause it's epically short, but my inner Up fan got me looking at the picture book My Name Is Dug. If you liked the movie and enjoy children's books, it is rather witty and has some really cute art.
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