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Books 10, 12 / 100

Oops.  Forgot about Book # 10 in my last post, since I was doing it by memory.  Here it is:

10. Hecuba - Euripides
              About Hecuba a few days after the fall of Troy, when her daughter Polyxena must be sacrificed and, at the same time, she learns of the murder of her youngest son, Polydore.  Later, revenge.

12. Titus Andronicus - William Shakespeare

              Someone I had class with in college once waxed poetic about this play, saying that it was the most bloody and violent of Shakespeare's plays. 
              I'm going to have to agree.  This play is about a Roman general who comes home from fighting the Goths in time for a new emperor to be elected, and right from the start, things don't go well for him, with two men fighting over who gets to marry his daughter, and a Goth queen sleeping her way to the top. 
             This play was so violent, I kept trying to figure out how one would manage a stage production of this, what with having to mop up the corn-syrup-and-food-coloring between every scene.  I mean, there's a lot of dismembering going on.
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