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Dangerous Shannon Crossover

Fables, Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover, by Bill Willingham et al
Still in love with this series though I think I like it better when it isn't QUITE this metatextual... but there was definitely stuff in there I dug. Now, augh, I have to wait another age for the next collected volume...

Shannon, by Campbell McGrath
Haunting poem written from the POV of the youngest member of the Lewis & Clark expedition - he had a tendency to get lost and this tells the story of one of those times. Really set a mood, and kept me there until the poem was over. Powerful, without needing to be lyrical to get there.

Women Who Read Are Dangerous, by Stefan Bollman
There are probably things more pleasant than diverting oneself by flipping through a book of beautiful paintings of women reading books, and enjoying the accompanying text which is stimulating but not particularly demanding - but I am hard pressed to think of any.

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