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♥ Book #8 :: Hollywood Royalty ♥

Title: The A list :: Hollywood Royalty
Author: Zoey Dean
Copyright date: 2009
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
How many pages: 229 pgs
How long it took me to read: 4 days
Category: Fiction
I learned about this book from: reading the other books

This book was purchased at: it wasn't. Library book.
This book is: a Hollywoodized version of Gossip Girl
Other books by this/these author(s): Other A-list books, A list Hollywood Royalty series, How to teach filthy rich girls, Hollywood is like high school with money
Favorite characters: Amelie Adams and Jojo Milford
When and Where the story takes place: California; Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Sacramento, Burbank

Plot in a nutshell: Some people are born with it. Meet the new Hollywood Royalty: Amelie, the not so innocent starlet who plays "Fairy Princess" the title character of a kids network tv show. Myla and Ash, the Golden couple. Jacob, the geek turned hottie. And Jojo, the outsider who will do anything to get on the A list.
Main characters: Amelie Adams, Myla Everhart, Ash Gilmour, Jacob Porter-Goldsmith, Josephine "Jojo" Milford.
What I liked best: It's based on the celeb point of view. Starts off at the premiere to Anna/Sam's movie which was based on the last A-list series. I wish I could find out I was adopted and my real parents were famous! Itty bitty titty committee made me laugh.
What I liked least: I'm so tired of the pathetic teenager storyline, they do it to themselves and its just pitiful to read. Guys DO NOT pay that much attention to women's hair products as to name it in detail. Love games between Myla and Ash, they were irritating to read because they were so unnecessary. Myla is a little over the top. How much it reminded me of the two Gossip girl series combined.

Overall rating: Although this book reminded me a lot of Gossip girl, I enjoyed it. I've been waiting to read a fictional story from a celeb point of view. I've always wondered what it would feel like and reading something like that helps me live it out for a short period of time, anyway.

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