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Book 13 for 2010

The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff. 404 pages

Third book in Huff's Confederation series. The Elder Races of the galaxy are fighting a long term war with the mysterious Others. Neither side takes the field themselves, however - they employ younger, more aggressive races to fight for them.

One such is Torin Kerr, newly promoted to Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines. Fed up with the seemingly endless stream of briefings she's having to give on her last-but-one mission, which resulted in the recruitment of a new race to join the war on the Confederation's side, she's not displeased when she's temporarily reassigned as aide to a recuperating officer. New techniques have been used to rebuild Major Svensson after devastating injuries and his doctor wants to run tests on him in the field. So Torin finds herself accompanying the major and the doctor and a squad of recruits to the training planet of Crucible. A nice simple training mission. What could possibly go wrong?

I enjoy most of Huff's books, but the Confederation series is one of my favourites and Torin Kerr is one of my favourite characters. This was another good installment of the series, although the wrap-up at the end seemed a little rushed and might have benefitted from another half chapter or so. The plot is well constructed and keeps the reader guessing as to exactly what's going on and the characters are distinct individuals who engage the reader's sympathies. And the wisecracks flow freely, which is always good.

Book four is currently in the To-Read pile, but first, more Harry Dresden :-)

Tags: sci-fi

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